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Jakub Cichos


+48 71 375 7014
1050 (budynek biotechnologii)
Kariera naukowa
Mgr 2010, Dr 2015
Piątek 11-13, 403c lub 1050
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Sumaryczny impact factor: 74.846

Liczba publikacji: 18

1. Karbowiak Mirosław, Rudowicz Czesław, Cichos Jakub
Extension of high-resolution optical absorption spectroscopy to divalent neodymium : absorption spectra of Nd2+ ions in a SrCl2 host.
Angewandte Chemie-International Edition, 2017, 56, 10721-10724
IF: 11.994

2. Pigulski Bartłomiej, Cichos Jakub, Szafert Sławomir
Polyynes as precursors of photoluminescent solvent polarity probes.
ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering, 2017, 5, 7077-7085
IF: 5.951

3. Lysenko Andrey B., Senchyk Ganna A., Domasevitch Konstantin V., Kobalz Merten, Krautscheid Harald, Cichos Jakub, Karbowiak Mirosław, Neves PatrÍcia, Valente Anabela A., Gonçalves Isabel S.
Triazolyl, imidazolyl, and carboxylic acid moieties in the design of molybdenum trioxide hybrids: photophysical and catalytic behavior.
Inorganic Chemistry, 2017, 56, 4380-4394
IF: 4.857

4. Pigulski Bartłomiej, Męcik Patrycja A., Cichos Jakub, Szafert Sławomir
Use of stable amine-capped polyynes in the regioselective synthesis of push-pull thiophenes.
Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2017, 82, 1487-1498
IF: 4.849

5. Wysokińska E., Cichos Jakub, Zioło E., Bednarkiewicz Artur, Strządała L., Karbowiak Mirosław, Hreniak Dariusz, Kałas W.
Cytotoxic interactions of bare and coated NaGdF4:Yb3+ : Er3+ nanoparticles with macrophage and fibroblast cells.
Toxicology in Vitro, 2016, 32, 16-25
IF: 2.866

6. Karbowiak Mirosław, Cichos Jakub
Does BaYF5 nanocrystals exist?–The BaF2-YF3 solid solution revisited using photoluminescence spectroscopy.
Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 2016, 673, 258-264
IF: 3.133

7. Cichos Jakub, Karbowiak Mirosław, Hreniak Dariusz, Stręk Wiesław
Influence of coating on the photoluminescence of Tb3+ doped ZnSe/ZnS core-shell quantum dots.
Journal of Rare Earths, 2016, 34, 828-832
IF: 2.429

8. Karbowiak Mirosław, Cichos Jakub, Rudowicz Czesław
Spectroscopic determination of site symmetry and space group in lanthanide-doped crystals: resolving intricate symmetry aspects for β-NaLnF4.
Polyhedron, 2016, 105, 42-48
IF: 1.926

9. Cichos Jakub, Karbowiak Mirosław, Hreniak Dariusz, Stręk Wiesław
Synthesis and characterization of monodisperse Eu3+ doped gadolinium oxysulfide nanocrystals.
Journal of Rare Earths, 2016, 34, 850-856
IF: 2.429

10. Karbowiak Mirosław, Cichos Jakub, Rudowicz Czesław
Comment on the crystal-field analysis underlying "breakdown of crystallographic site symmetry in lanthanide-doped NaYF4 crystals".
Angewandte Chemie-International Edition, 2015, 54, 1074-1076
IF: 11.709

11. Chan Chi-Fai, Xie Chen, Tsang Ming-Kiu, Lear Sam, Dai Lixiong, Zhou Yan, Cichos Jakub, Karbowiak Mirosław, Hreniak Dariusz, Lan Rongfeng, Cobb Steve L., Lam Michael Hon-Wah, Hao Jianhua, Wong Ka-Leung
The effects of morphology and linker length on the properties of peptide–lanthanide upconversion nanomaterials as G2 phase cell cycle inhibitors.
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2015, 27, 4539-4545
IF: 2.686

12. Cichos Jakub, Karbowiak Mirosław
A general and versatile procedure for coating of hydrophobic nanocrystals with a thin silica layer enabling facile biofunctionalization and dye incorporation.
Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 2014, 2, 556-568
IF: 4.726

13. Karbowiak Mirosław, Cichos Jakub, Buczko Katarzyna A.
Interaction of lanthanideβdiketonate complexes with polyvinylpyrrolidone: proton-controlled switching of Tb3+ luminescence.
Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2014, 118, 226-239
IF: 3.302

14. Karbowiak Mirosław, Cichos Jakub, Buczko Katarzyna A.
Interaction of TbCl3 and lanthanide complexes with poly(N-vinylpyrrolidone).
Journal of Rare Earths, 2014, 32, 282-287
IF: 1.261

15. Cichos Jakub, Marciniak Łukasz, Hreniak Dariusz, Stręk Wiesław, Karbowiak Mirosław
The effect of surface ligand, solvent and Yb3+ co-doping on the luminescence properties of Er3+ in colloidal NaGdF4 nanocrystals.
Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 2014, 2, 8244-8251
IF: 4.696

16. Karbowiak Mirosław, Cichos Jakub, Rudowicz Czesław
Optical spectra and energy levels analysis of the 4fN  ions doped into Ba2YCl7.
Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2012, 116, 10574-10588
IF: 2.771

17. Wawrzynczyk D., Bednarkiewicz Artur, Nyk M., Cichos Jakub, Karbowiak Mirosław, Hreniak Dariusz, Stręk Wiesław, Samoc Marek
Optimisation of ligand exchange towards stable water suspensions of crystalline NaYF4 : Er3+, Yb3+ nanoluminophors.
Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology., 2012, 12, 1886-1891
IF: 1.149

18. Cichos Jakub, Karbowiak Mirosław
Spectroscopic characterization of ligands on the surface of water dispersible NaGdF4:Ln3+ nanocrystals.
Applied Surface Science, 2012, 258, 5610-5618
IF: 2.112