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Justyna Zeler
+48 71 375 7011
201a (budynek A)
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Mgr 2013, Dr 2018
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Sumaryczny impact factor: 15.774

Liczba publikacji: 8

1. Seferis Ioannis E., Zeler Justyna, Michail C., David S., Valais I., Fountos G., Kalyvas N., Bakas A., Kandarakis I., Zych Eugeniusz, Panayiotakis G.
Grains size and shape dependence of luminescence efficiency of Lu2O3:Eu thin screens.
Results in Physics, 2017, 7, 980-981
IF: 0.946

2. Seferis Ioannis E., Michail C., Zeler Justyna, Valais I., Fountos G., Kalyvas N., Bakas A., Kandarakis I., Zych Eugeniusz, Panayiotakis G.
X-ray imaging resolution of phosphor screens prepared with different grains size and shape of granular Lu2O3:Eu.
Journal of Physics-Conference Series, 2017, 931, 012032/1-012032/4

3. Zeler Justyna, Cybińska Joanna, Zych Eugeniusz
A new photoluminescent feature in LuPO4:Eu thermoluminescent sintered materials.
RSC Advances, 2016, 6, 57920-57928
IF: 3.108

4. Seferis Ioannis, Zeler Justyna, Michail C., Valais I., Fountos G., Kalyvas N., Bakas A., Kandarakis I., Zych Eugeniusz
On the response of semitransparent nanoparticulated films of LuPO4:Eu in poly-energetic X-ray imaging applications.
Applied Physics A-Materials Science and Processing, 2016, 122, 526/1-526/10
IF: 1.455

5. Zeler Justyna, Zych Eugeniusz
On the thermoluminescence properties and mechanism of LuPO4:Eu sintered materials.
RSC Advances, 2016, 6, 89019-89027
IF: 3.108

6. Zych Eugeniusz, Kulesza Dagmara, Zeler Justyna, Cybińska Joanna, Fiączyk Karolina, Wiatrowska Aneta
SrS:Ce and LuPO4:Eu sintered ceramics : old phosphors with new functionalities.
ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology, 2016, 5, R3078-R3088
IF: 1.787

7. Zeler Justyna, Jerzykiewicz Lucjan B., Zych Eugeniusz
Flux-aided synthesis of Lu2O3 and Lu2O3:Eu—single crystal structure, morphology control and radioluminescence efficiency.
Materials, 2014, 7, 7059-7072
IF: 2.651

8. Seferis Ioannis, Michail C., Valais I., Zeler Justyna, Liaparinos P., Fountos G., Kalyvas N., David S., Stromatia F., Zych Eugeniusz, Kandarakis I., Panayiotakis G.
Light emission efficiency and imaging performance of Lu2O3:Eu nanophosphor under X-ray radiography conditions: comparison with Gd2O2S: Eu.
Journal of Luminescence, 2014, 151, 229-234
IF: 2.719