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Jerzy Lisowski


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M.Sc. 1986, Ph.D. 1991, D.Sc. 2000, Prof. 2009
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Total impact factor: 245.64

Number of publications: 78

1. Wydra Karol, Kinzhybalo Vasyl, Lisowski Jerzy
Solid state structures and solution behaviour of tetranuclear lanthanide(III) carbonate-bridged coordination compounds of chiral 3 + 3 amine macrocycle
Dalton Transactions, 2023, 52, 11992-12001
IF: 4

2. Lisowski Jerzy
Imine- and amine-type macrocycles derived from chiral diamines and aromatic dialdehydes.
Molecules, 2022, 27, 4097/1-4097/28
IF: 4.6

3. Wolska Katarzyna, Janczak Jan, Gawryszewska Paula, Lisowski Jerzy
Rare earth complexes of chiral unsymmetrical hexaazamacrocycles.
Polyhedron, 2021, 198, 115057/1-115057/12
IF: 2.975

4. Ślepokura Katarzyna, Cabreros Trevor A., Muller Gilles, Lisowski Jerzy
Sorting phenomena and chirality transfer in fluoride-bridged macrocyclic rare earth complexes.
Inorganic Chemistry, 2021, 60, 18442-18454
IF: 5.436

5. Gregoliński Janusz, Ślepokura Katarzyna, Bil Andrzej, Lisowski Jerzy
A new synthetic strategy leading to homochiral macrocycles derived from 2,6-diformylpyridine and (1S,2S)-trans-1,2-diaminocyclopentane.
European Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2020, 35, 5714-5728
IF: 3.021

6. Wydra Karol, Kobyłka Michał J., Lis Tadeusz, Ślepokura Katarzyna, Lisowski Jerzy
Versatile binding modes of chiral macrocyclic amine towards rare earth ions.
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2020, 21, 2096-2104
IF: 2.524

7. Gerus Aleksandra, Ślepokura Katarzyna, Lisowski Jerzy
Carbonate-bridged dinuclear lanthanide(III) complexes of chiral macrocycle.
Polyhedron, 2019, 170, 115-121
IF: 2.343

8. Starynowicz Przemysław, Lisowski Jerzy
Chirality transfer between hexaazamacrocycles in heterodinuclear rare earth complexes.
Dalton Transactions, 2019, 48, 8717-8724
IF: 4.174

9. Bereta Tomasz, Mondal Abhishake, Ślepokura Katarzyna, Peng Yan, Powell Annie K., Lisowski Jerzy
Trinuclear and hexanuclear lanthanide(III) complexes of the chiral 3+3 macrocycle: X-ray crystal structures and magnetic properties.
Inorganic Chemistry, 2019, 58, 4201-4213
IF: 4.825

10. Paćkowski Tomasz, Gregoliński Janusz, Ślepokura Katarzyna, Lisowski Jerzy
6 + 6 Macrocycles derived from 2,6-diformylpyridine and trans-1,2-diaminocyclohexane.
Tetrahedron Letters, 2018, 59, 3669-3673
IF: 2.259

11. Gerus Aleksandra, Ślepokura Katarzyna, Panek Jarosław, Turek Aleksandra, Lisowski Jerzy
Chiral cryptates derived from a hexaazamacrocycle.
Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2018, 83, 6748-6753
IF: 4.745

12. Gregoliński Janusz, Ślepokura Katarzyna, Lisowski Jerzy
Hexanuclear and trinuclear metal complexes of a giant octadecaaza macrocycle.
Inorganic Chemistry, 2017, 56, 12719-12727
IF: 4.7

13. Kieryk P., Janczak Jan, Panek Jarosław, Miklitz Marcin, Lisowski Jerzy
Chiral 2 + 3 keto-enamine pseudocyclophanes derived from 1,3,5-triformylphloroglucinol.
Organic Letters, 2016, 18, 12-15
IF: 6.579

14. Gregoliński Janusz, Ślepokura Katarzyna, Paćkowski Tomasz, Panek Jarosław, Stefanowicz Piotr, Lisowski Jerzy
From 2+2 to 8+8 condensation products of diamine and dialdehyde : giant container-shaped macrocycles for multiple anion binding.
Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2016, 81, 5285-5294
IF: 4.849

15. Löffler Marta, Gregoliński Janusz, Korabik Maria J., Lis Tadeusz, Lisowski Jerzy
Multinuclear Ni(II), Cu(II) and Zn(II) complexes of chiral macrocyclic nonaazamine.
Dalton Transactions, 2016, 45, 15586-15594
IF: 4.029

16. Hołyńska Małgorzata, Gawryszewska Paula, Lisowski Jerzy
Tetranuclear Eu(III)-Co(II) complex of an N4O4 macrocycle.
Inorganic Chemistry Communications, 2016, 71, 27-31
IF: 1.64

17. Janczak Jan, Prochowicz Daniel, Lewiński Janusz, Fairen-Jimenez David, Bereta Tomasz, Lisowski Jerzy
Trinuclear cage-like ZnII macrocyclic complexes: enantiomeric recognition and gas adsorption properties.
Chemistry-A European Journal, 2016, 22, 598-609
IF: 5.317

18. Mieczyńska Ewa, Lisowski Jerzy, Trzeciak Anna M.
A macrocyclic Pd(II)-Ni(II) complex in Heck and Suzuki reactions.
Inorganica Chimica Acta, 2015, 431, 145-149
IF: 1.918

19. Gregoliński Janusz, Ślepokura Katarzyna, Lisowski Jerzy
Lanthanide(III) and lead(II) complexes of a chiral nonaaza macrocyclic amine based on 1,2-diaminocyclopentane.
Dalton Transactions, 2015, 44, 16345-16351
IF: 4.177

20. Starynowicz Przemysław, Lisowski Jerzy
Monomeric, dimeric and polymeric lanthanide(III) complexes of a hexaazamacrocyclic imine derived from 2,6-diformylpyridine and ethylenediamine.
Polyhedron, 2015, 85, 232-238
IF: 2.108

21. Gregoliński Janusz, Ślepokura Katarzyna, Paćkowski Tomasz, Lisowski Jerzy
Expansion of a 2 + 2 macrocycle into a 6 + 6 macrocycle: template effect of cadmium(II).
Organic Letters, 2014, 16, 4372-4375
IF: 6.364

22. Gerus Aleksandra, Ślepokura Katarzyna, Lisowski Jerzy
Anion and solvent induced chirality inversion in macrocyclic lanthanide complexes.
Inorganic Chemistry, 2013, 52, 12450-12460
IF: 4.794

23. Kobyłka Michał J., Ślepokura Katarzyna, Acebrón Rodicio Maria, Paluch Marta, Lisowski Jerzy
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Inorganic Chemistry, 2013, 52, 12893-12903
IF: 4.794

24. Janczak Jan, Kubiak Ryszard, Lisowski Jerzy
Structural characterization and DFT calculation of the Fe-C coordinating bond in bis (tert-butyl isocyanide) iron (II) phthalocyanine.
Journal of Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines, 2013, 17, 742-749
IF: 1.364

25. Zhao Chuanqi, Ren Jinsong, Gregoliński Janusz, Lisowski Jerzy, Qu Xiaogang
Contrasting enantioselective DNA preference: chiral helical macrocyclic lanthanide complex binding to DNA.
Nucleic Acids Research, 2012, 40, 8186-8196
IF: 8.278

26. Sarnicka A., Starynowicz Przemysław, Lisowski Jerzy
Controlling the macrocycle size by the stoichiometry of the applied template ion.
Chemical Communications, 2012, 48, 2237-2239
IF: 6.378

27. Kobyłka Michał J., Bereta Tomasz, Janczak Jan, Lisowski Jerzy
Enantiopure Zn(II) and Cu(II) complexes of hexaazatetracyclomacrocycles based on cyclohexane moiety.
Polyhedron, 2012, 42, 1-9
IF: 1.813

28. Krężel Artur, Lisowski Jerzy
Enantioselective cleavage of supercoiled plasmid DNA catalyzed by chiral macrocyclic lanthanide(III) complexes.
Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry, 2012, 107, 1-5
IF: 3.197

29. Gawryszewska Paula, Lisowski Jerzy
Lanthanide(III) complexes of N4O4 Schiff base macrocycle: luminescence and formation of heterodinuclear d-f complexes.
Inorganica Chimica Acta, 2012, 383, 220-229
IF: 1.687

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Tetrahedron, 2012, 68, 9930-9935
IF: 2.803

31. Kobyłka Michał J., Janczak Jan, Lis Tadeusz, Kowalik-Jankowska Teresa, Kłak Julia, Pietruszka Marta M., Lisowski Jerzy
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Dalton Transactions, 2012, 41, 1503-1511
IF: 3.806

32. Lisowski Jerzy
Enantiomeric self-recognition in homo- and heterodinuclear macrocyclic lanthanide(III) complexes.
Inorganic Chemistry, 2011, 50, 5567-5576
IF: 4.601

33. Paluch Marta, Ślepokura Katarzyna, Lis Tadeusz, Lisowski Jerzy
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IF: 1.972

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Formation of chiral heteronuclear LuIII assemblies by ion pair formation.
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IF: 3.049

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Structural evidence of the formation of ZnPc-DBU complex during recrystallisation of commercially available ZnPc dye.
Polyhedron, 2011, 30, 253-258
IF: 2.057

36. Paluch Marta, Gawryszewska Paula, Lis Tadeusz, Lisowski Jerzy
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Polyhedron, 2010, 29, 3387-3393
IF: 2.034

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IF: 8.091

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IF: 4.147

39. Paluch Marta, Lisowski Jerzy
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IF: 1.51

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IF: 4.123

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IF: 2.597

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IF: 1.251

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IF: 10.232

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IF: 1.843

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IF: 3.012

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IF: 1.674

47. Seda Sabry H., Janczak Jan, Lisowski Jerzy
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IF: 1.787

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IF: 9.779

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IF: 2.547

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IF: 1.606

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IF: 3.454

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IF: 2.926

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