Sumaryczny impact factor: 143.947

Liczba publikacji: 30

1. Piec Kamila, Kostera Sylwia, Jędrzkiewicz Dawid, Ejfler Jolanta, John Łukasz
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IF: 3.288

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IF: 1.726

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IF: 5.88

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IF: 4.959

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IF: 3.069

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IF: 5.08

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IF: 2.936

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IF: 4.7

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IF: 5.317

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IF: 4.029

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IF: 4.164

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IF: 3.108

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IF: 4.857

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IF: 4.029

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IF: 4.177

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IF: 3.289

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IF: 4.762

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IF: 2.404

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IF: 4.593

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IF: 7.286

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IF: 2.925

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